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PALAT パラット改めてスバラト Subarato
  • PALAT パラット改めてスバラト Subarato








    -Subarato is a quiet asalato invented by a Vietnamese loc.

    It has no shaking to muffle the sound, and the hit sound is the quietest compared to ghost, papilato, and cork.

    Each one comes in a different color, so you can choose the one you like best. You can choose from the product pictures in the list.

    *This product is sold as a set (for both hands).


    The sound is extremely quiet and there is no shaking, so you can practice asaratos on the train or bus without being noticed by others.

    This allows you to practice your asarato skills on the train or bus without being noticed by others.

    The quiet asarato is designed to mute the hit sound of the balls hitting each other, making it a great tool for situations where the sound of the asarato might bother your neighbors.

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